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Vitamin C

Vitamin C 🍊⁠

What does it do? ⁠

• Strengthens the immune system and shortens the duration/severity of illness if you’re already sick⁠

• Reduces the affect of seasonal allergies by neutralizing the extreme reactions the body has to histamines. A great alternative to antihistamine medication with no side effects⁠

• Builds collagen (healthy skin, joints, bones, tissue repair)⁠

• Minimizes skin wrinkles, dryness, and acne⁠

• Helps the body burn fat and can lower the risk of heart disease ⁠

• Assists the body in healing from injuries, surgeries, and pregnancy⁠

• Aids in the production of neurotransmitters = elevates mood and makes you feel good ☺️⁠

• Studies show it has a role in the prevention of Alzheimers, dementia, eye cataracts and macular degeneration⁠

Who can benefit? ⁠

• Depression, fatigue, and poor wound healing are the 3 most common signs of vitamin C deficiency⁠

• Other signs include: dry damaged skin, bleeding gums, weight gain, aching or weakness in muscles or joints⁠

• Smokers, heavy drinkers, and people exposed to heavy toxins in air pollution are at a higher risk of deficiency ⁠

• People with compromised immune systems⁠

How can I get it? ⁠

🍊 Organic foods: Papaya, bell peppers, citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries, and Brussels sprouts⁠

* Vitamin C is fragile and can be destroyed by cooking with high temperatures (broiling, grilling, frying, etc.), processing, or the addition of preservatives. ⁠

💉 Injections: Allow higher doses to be administered, bypassing the GI tract and allowing a much higher rate of absorption. This is the preferred method when the body needs an extra boost or when you are sick. I use preservative-free Ascorbic Acid in my office. ⁠

💊 Supplements: Go to my Fullscript page, click the Immune Support category, and scroll for C-Flav and C-Zyme (will need my approval for C-Zyme)


With Love,

Charlotte Morgan, M.S. L.Ac.

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