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Summer Travel Supplement Essentials

Summer travel has begun (yesss 🤌🏻) so I decided to put together some of my favorite supplements that I *always* travel with. You can find everything in my Fullscript Online Dispensary in the Travel category.⁠

🦠 Probiotics: Quite possibly the most important travel buddy, especially if you are traveling somewhere that it is common to experience travelers diarrhea or food poisoning. Research shows that probiotics are an effective option in preventing both. Begin taking probiotics 4-6 weeks before your trip, continue taking throughout your trip, and for 2 weeks upon returning home. I suggest a shelf-stable, broad-spectrum formula containing saccharomyces boulardii with at least 40 billion CFU.⁠

💊 Digestive enzymes are a must when traveling. If you're anything like me... I'm eating out and trying new foods, indulging, and having a 🍹 (or 3). Digestive enzymes support your body's natural digestive process (and help out when we are eating things that we typically avoid at home) to reduce the chance of bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea, or constipation. ⁠

🧫 Viracid is your savior when it comes to being on dirty planes and in close quarters while traveling. This supplement boosts immune cell functioning and antibody response, natural killer (NK) cell activity, and T-cell activation. It protects you from pathogens, but also acts on exposure and can soothe a sore throat and stuffy nose.⁠

🧘🏻 Tran-Qwill, or herbal xanax as I like to call it, is my go-to for *as needed* relief from anxiety, panic, heightened fear response, and phobias. It is a mild sedative that calms the central nervous system but still allows you to function clearly. This formula is great for travelers who don’t like planes, crowds, or get stressed easily. If you are interested in this formula, reach out to me directly- it has to come from my office. ⁠

Happy travels ✈️⁠

With Love,

Dr. Charlotte Morgan, D.Ac.

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