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The Spleen Channel

The Spleen in Chinese medicine is held in the Earth element. It produces blood, prevents fluid retention and organ prolapse, helps you think clearly, controls your muscles, and governs digestion and energy production. ⁠

💛 Holding, Embracing, Nourishing, The Nurturing Mother, Harvest, Transform, Healing, Patience, Singing, Sweet, Yellow, Worry, Pensiveness, Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion, Late Summer 💛⁠

An unbalanced spleen looks like:⁠

• Worry⁠

• Over-thinking⁠

• Weak muscles⁠

• Dry lips⁠

• Bad breath⁠

• Sugar cravings⁠

• Fatigue (mental and/or physical)⁠

Make your spleen happy by sitting down to eat meals and chewing your food slowly and intentionally. Avoid eating on the go. ⁠

Eating cooked, warm foods like:⁠

• Carrots⁠

• Pumpkin⁠

• Squash⁠

• Yams⁠

• Cinnamon⁠

• Ginger⁠


• Cold and raw foods⁠

• Dairy⁠

• Greasy foods ⁠

Image: @aqu.wellness

With Love,

Charlotte Morgan, M.S. L.Ac.

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