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Back Shu Points

Some of my favorite points to needle on the body are the Back Shu’s. Each Back Shu point has a direct connection to a specific organ in the body. Shu, meaning “to transport,” indicates that each of these points transports energy directly to their respective organ, rather than through the organ channel (for all the acu’s out there 🤓).⁠

Shu points are often sore to the touch when the related organ is imbalanced.⁠

Inner Shu Points treat chronic diseases of the organs, and can do magical things like dilate the bronchus, and regulate gastric motility and urinary bladder contractions. ⁠

Outer Shu Points treat emotional and psychological issues related to their corresponding organs which can manifest as as bipolar disorder, anxiety, insomnia, or general feelings like lacking a direction in life.⁠

Personal Favorite Shu's:⁠

🌟 UB47: Gate of the Ethereal Soul (Liver)⁠

• Feelings of confusion, depression, and inability to plan ones life. ⁠

• The liver is the source of our inspiration and drive. By opening this gate, we can gain clarity in the direction of our lives. ⁠

• Great for people who are lacking inspiration, experiencing a creative block, or cannot move forward on a project. ⁠

🌟 UB49: Abode of Thought (Spleen)⁠

• Worrying and overthinking. ⁠

• Feeling mentally overworked or burnt out, a fear of trying new things, feeling withdrawn, or wrapped up in your own thoughts. ⁠

• This point helps set boundaries, focus on managing tasks, and can help students study. ⁠

With Love,

Charlotte Morgan, M.S. L.Ac.

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