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Buddha's Triangle

This beautiful and highly effective trio of points consisting of Lung-9, Pericardium-6, and Heart-7 are famous in Chinese medicine for their ability to calm the mind especially in relation to anxiety, depression, and repressed emotions. Firm pressure on these points throughout the day (with a finger or blunt object like the smooth end of a pen) can provide relief from anxiety, stress, anger, and frustration. Additionally, high grade essential oils (use a carrier oil for sensitive skin) can be applied to this 🔺to induce mental R&R. 🌸Geranium oil supports the circulatory and nervous systems, has stimulating and enhancing effects on mood and cognitive health, and energetically diminishes fears of abandonment, love, and commitment.

🌿Sweet Marjoram oil is high in antioxidants allowing it to calm nervous tension and relax tense muscles. Historically called the “joy of the mountains 🏔️” and the “happiness herb,” it is the plant of love and longevity. .

🧘🏻‍♀️Sandalwood oil is high in sesquiterpenes which is the chemical component that stimulates the pineal gland in the brain. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for meditation and prayer, this oil promotes deep relaxation of the nervous system. .

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